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I am a Primary school teacher teaching Year Five and Six (5th & 6th Grades). I have a wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous children in their teens. I love card making and have a bit of a crafting/stamping obsession! Just ask my DH!


Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

to all!

It is also my Birthday today!
Happy Birthday to me!
 Unfortunately due to two excited children and the lure of Easter Bunny's gifts, I did not get a birthday sleep-in!
Oh well... maybe next year!


Here is my birthday present from hubs and kids... my gorgeous new Mimco bags! Yes... I said bags!
Now I have to decide which one to use first.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
~ Susan xxox


Jenny said...

Well happy happy birthday and lots of luck for a sleep in ... maybe tomorrow? I am very jealous of your bag(s). You will be the coolest mum on the block! hugs x

Alyce said...

I love these Susan! You are the luckiest! :) I just got one for my birthday too actually hehe ;)

Marcia said...

Happy birthday to you! Chocolate and pressies on the one day, you lucky thing. Don't envy your having to choose which bag, maybe one on each arm?