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Monday, 11 July 2011

Some Thank You Messages from a Naughty Blogger!

I have recently (and not so recently) won a few blog candies and I have decided that I really need to get organised and thank a few people publicly. So the kids have had their lunch and are entertaining themselves for a little while (it is school holidays at the moment) and so here goes...

Thank you to Mrs A. I won this bag (on my birthday I might add)  that she lovingly decorated with all of it's vintage lacey goodness. So THANK YOU so much for this gorgeous bag. You can read all about the transformation in { this } post. The brooch that you sent as an extra gift is currently in my daughter's hair!

Another Blog Candy that I won in January (EEK!) was from Jo at JoZart. I won some of what you see below as it was divided between four lucky winners. THANK YOU Jo!
Thank you also to Iwona Palamountain aka Chupa whom I have discovered lives in the same town as I do and with whom I had a  cup of tea and a lovely chat! I won the blog candy below and she even added some lovely wood block stamps that she no longer wanted. I hope that I can create something wonderful with them Chupa and THANK YOU! I hope we can catch up again soon!
Thank you also to the people who sent me a hand-made creation when I signed up for their Pay It Forward...
To those waiting for my Pay It Forward creations... they are in the process and will be on their way soon. Lucky for me the only deadline to this is that the gifts are received in 2011! Phew!

~ Susan xxox


Sammi said...

Wow... lucky you :D