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I am a Primary school teacher teaching Year Five and Six (5th & 6th Grades). I have a wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous children in their teens. I love card making and have a bit of a crafting/stamping obsession! Just ask my DH!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Some news!

I am just letting you all know... well anyone who is still reading my blog that is... that I am stepping down from the

I have realised that I am NOT a superwoman and cannot possibly cope with being a wife and mother, full time teacher and be on three (yes three!) design teams and do a 'good job' at all of these things. So something had to go and Friday sketches is it.

I wish the girls on the team all the very best and give Tracey a huge thank you (and hugs) for choosing me to be on the team when the blog started. 

As for my lack of commenting and blogging lately, I think that is something that is not set to change until I get a handle on juggling life in general.

For those of you who constantly leave me lovely comments despite the fact that I do not return the favour... THANK YOU!
Please know that I do pop over and check out your creations even if I do not leave a comment.

Okay then... I am off to start writing my mid-year reports.

Hugs to you all,
Susan xxox


Marcia said...

Good on you for being honest and knowing your limits. I have just been through this in the last fortnight too, realizing I cannot work full time, be netball mum to many and keep up my DT commitments.

Best of luck with it, you will get there, eventually.
Hugs, Marcia