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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

What's on your Workdesk? (Wednesday #82)

What is on my desk today? A huge mess! I have Miss 5's Dorothy the Dinosaur toy to repair. Too much love has seen Dorothy develop an eye injury (it is coming off!) so Mum to the rescue with her craft glue. I have 2011 diaries filled out ready to open on New Year's Day. All of my Christmas patterned paper is to the left where I threw it after finishing my extra Christmas cards made for my BFF and my sister (will blog those later). I am still so tempted to start my 2011 cards while I am still feeling festive and while all of my Christmas supplies are easily accessible. Is that crazy?

Anyway peeps, enjoy checking out my mess and link your mess to Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground, so we can come for a snoop too!
For anyone who visited last week...thanks for all of your lovely comments. I finished my bookmarks and will post them later (have to get dinner for the family!).

Thanks for looking...have a great day!
~ Susan xxox


Rhonda said...

I am in the same mode of thinking...make more Christmas cards for next year while it still feels festive! Happy New Year!! #4

jude said...

I am in the same mood plus i received some lovely vintage christmas postcard sets just itching to play with.So yea i am going to start my 2011 and for a change 2011 i will be ahead for crimbo!
Have a fab new year wishing you and yours a happy,healthy ,and crafty 2011!
hugs judex

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Wow! That'll certainly extend the season if you keep on making Christmas cards! Although your desk is full, everything is neatly placed. Patsy from

Marjo said...

It's not crazy, I am going to make Christmas cards all year in 2011. Less pressure and more time to enjoy the Holidays...lol

Happy creative crafting in the New Year. Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #10

Sheila said...

Good for you on getting a head start on your cards. It's a great plan.

Have a great new year!

Anonymous said...

Not crazy, just genius. Now is the time we all want to make Christmassy things, so why not? Plus it saves putting it all away!

Happy New Year!
cheers, rachel #15

Sherry Goodloe said...

Maybe that's what I should do . . . get the stuff back out for making Christmas cards and tags! Then I'll be ready for 2011!

I'm #20 on the WOYWW list this week. Stop by for a visit when you get a chance.

Happy *almost* New Year!

Sid said...

What a very industrious desk !

Yenni Natalia said...

what a great photos on your table--love the black and white photo :)
and the copic storage as well :)

sandra de said...

All the best with repairs to Dorothy. My kids learnt quickly that mum's desk could fix (or cover up) anything. Thanks for a peek. Have a lovely new year.
Sandra #29

oneoff said...

Wishing Dorothy a quick surgery and speedy recovery. I like the sound of getting some festive crafting done while you are still in the mood. Enjoy the extended festive feeling!

Bernie #17

Minxy said...

It's not crazy at all, i have already made 11 cards for next christmas,{fed up of always being last minute mad woman} like you say while its all out and your still in christmas craft mode its best to take advantage of that, and even if you only manage a few, its a few less to worry about come next christmas :D
Happy WOYWW and wishing you a very happy new year
hugs Minxy #33

S said...

It would be great to get a start on next Christmas; but there's no way I'd ever plan that far ahead - you go girl! Happy New Year. S #48

Debgem said...

Love your desk! Hope the dino is better now!

Happy New Year to you.

Mrs A. said...

Wish I could say I was making cards too but I don't do cards. Now book marks thats a different story. can't wait to see yours. #59

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So, can I call you "Dr. Susan?" Was the surgery successful? Will the patient recover? Inquiring minds want to know.

Last year, I didn't quit making Christmas related art until February. This year, I didn't make enough of anything to count. I don't see a problem playing while it's all still out.

Have a wonderful, safe, and healthy New Year (number 2).

JoZart said...

Just be sure you can find those cards again for next year! I did that and even addressed all mine read to post 3 years ago and still haven't found them!!
Happy 2011
JoZarty x

Chelle said...

At least it shows how busy you have been. Happy New Year. #64

ANewYear said...

Yep ... I'm feeling the bug to continue making cards for next Christmas. Partially because if I start now, there isn't that pressure that time is running out. LOL Looking forward to seeing the completed bookmarks.

Happy New Year.
Carole #62

Elizabeth said...

So organised with the diaries - mine is out waiting for me to transfer information from this year's but that's as far as I've got. It's great what mum's can do with a bit of glue, we have our uses :) Like you I'll be starting next year's Christmas cards next week - however, it's not the festive feeling that's keeping me going, it's anything to avoid the rush that was my first 6 months of card making. Wishing you and yours a Very Good New Year. Elizabeth #57

Kirsty.a said...

AARGH I don'yt even want to thinkabout next year's christmas cards!
Happy New year to you and yours
Kirsty #43

Pam said...

Look how gifted you are, even giving that cute little dino back her sight. Can hardly wait to see the bookmarks - your desk looks ready to roll with some exciting stuff. Hauoli makahiki hou! xoXO #1

Ciara said...

Susan, you will love the ATG when it finally arrives!

Next years Christmas cards? Nah!

Happy new year :-)


Traceyr said...

No I don't think it is daft to start 2011 Christmas cards now ...... sssh that is what I am doing! hahaha

Happy New Year - love the colour of that green diary. :)

Twiglet said...

Wishing we were in sunny Australia too - thick fog here today! Happy New Year!

Christine said...

I think doing 2011 cards is a superb idea, I'm considering it and imagine how grateful we will be in 12 months time! Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in the future on WOYWW :-)

glitzygirl said...

Wonderfully busy looking, just love it. I am happiest with a messy desk, the creative juices just flow. I've been meaning to clean mine up but looking after my daughter was more important. That's my excuse anyway. I had the same thoughts re Christmas cards as well, but must admit, have been ejoying making some 'normal' cards again, Lol. Have a wonderful New Year, may all your dreams come true. Many Blessings Hilde

nnalorac said...

Love your busy desk, feel the same about starting next years cards. Got so bogged down this year, would like to have everything ready by early November, mmmmmn wonder if this will be the case lol... Wishing you a Happy Creative 2011 Susan.

Net said...

I hope the dinosaur surgery goes well.

I often make a few cards before I put the Christmas stuff away, or in my case move the pile somewhere else!

akilli melek said...

ooh busy desk with lots to snoop at.

have a great new year

caroline #50

Scrapcollectr said...

We have a joke in my family of all men (who get kick out of my girly craftiness) that whenever any of them need an adhesive for something I always say "What kind?" cuz I have quite the variety! This is response to your duty of repairing your ds' dino. Resist the urge to do your your next holiday cards now...*smile* you'll have totally different ideas in a year! Thx for visiting, Happy New Year and don't be a stranger! *smile*

kayc said...

Lovely busy desk, so many coloured pens. Thanks for visiting me and sharing. Happy New Year! Kathleen x

Victoria said...

love the photo's can't wait to see the scrap book page x

Tracey Brossart said...

I too still have all my Christmas supplies out and ready to use...guess I'm sad to see them be put away...lol. Looks like you have a busy desk...and I'm envying your copics in the background!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Thanks for the peek!
Tracey #86 :D

Samantha Ball - aka (Craftychick74) said...


Great busy looking desk! Yeah right your going to make next year's Christmas Cards now...that is not going to happen!! ;-)

I hope Dorothy pulled through!!

Happy WOYWW and Happy New Year (no doubt I'll see you soon in it!!)

Love Sam

minnie_mac said...

Yes, I'm still feeling festive and wouldn't mind making a few Christmas cards now.


Terry Blais said...

I think it's a great idea to start making Christmas cards for 2011. Why not? Stamp as the mood strikes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Terry #25

Julia Dunnit said...

No, you're right you should, whilst in the mood, start next year's cards. Hmm, it would be enough of a good idea for me to totally ignore! AND...how do you manage to operate out of 2 diaries? We would so miss stuff and be all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

Go for the Christmas cards while you're still in the mood! I'm contemplating the same thing myself actually. I've loaded up my ATG and had a quick go with it, my first impression so far is I need to work at it! I can't break the glue off easily after lifting it off the paper, so the glue strip lifts up and stretches with the gun and then finally snaps and pings back to the paper in a sticky little heap!! There must be a technique to it! Let me know how you get on with yours when it arrives!

Have a great New Year, I think you've probably already had it in Australia!!

Brenda 81

Violets Corner said...

Go for it girl! You'll have wonderful cards ready for next Christmas and less stress next year. The photos you have on your desk are great!


having a {me} day said...

This is one beautiful desk! Very mojo inspiring! Happy New Year! keeley §61

Sam said...

Great crafty desk. You can't be creative and tidy!! At least thats what I tell the kids....
Know what you mean about making next years Xmas cards - go for it.
Love the baskets your copics are in, need new storage for my copics.
Happy New Year
Sam xx

Holly said...

Yay for Dino Surgery!!! We Mum's can fix anything... Looks like you've been busy. I hope you had a great Holiday and A very Happy New Year ahead!!

Serendipity Stamping said...

Well I have to work on some cards/notes for a small time heritage festival and valentines before I can let Christmas roll around again. I am such a procrastinator will probably be pushing Christmas at the end. #7 5

Nicky said...

Great desk and I am with you I work on Christmas Cards all year round - that way in the middle of summer I can often pick up bargins as no one is thinking Christmas lol ~ thanks for stopping by my blog have a great New Year ~ Nicky 38