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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

What's on your Workdesk? (Wednesday #79)

It's another busy Wednesday on my desk. Well it looks busy anyway! I really haven't produced much in the last week although I finished a birthday card for a friend's son last night. Sorry Dorcas! It will be late again but the Christmas presents will get to you on time! (My friend Dorcas lives in the UK so I had better get the presents in the post pronto!)

You can see a couple of crappy looking Christmas cards on the left! Even my husband said, 'They aren't very good are they? You might as well buy a cheap pack from the shops!' I was trying to go for the simplistic look (easy to duplicate) but I think I will have to start again! Maybe a larger sentiment might do the trick.
Leave a link to your desk over on Julia's blog the Stamping Ground.

Thanks for looking...have a great day!
~ Susan xxox


jude said...

Men!Dont you just love what they have to say!No taste...lol.Gosh i think by now uk postage date has passed for crimbo.Here in uk i had to get all my airmail items sent by 6th.good luck anyways.
Have fab wednesday
hugs judex~6

Debs said...

Well at least he was honest! Hope you get your designs sorted out soon xx

Chrissie said...

I think that if the image was to be offset a little, maybe down towards the right hand corner, those cards would look stunning!
I love white space!
Chrissie #7

Terry said...

Love your coloring! I like simple Christmas cards. Maybe add some embossing of some sort? A few lines. Or add a bit of ribbon. Something that's not too time consuming. Good luck!

Terry (17)

Sheila said...

Love that colouring! I've made several dud cards. I hope that they are fixable.

Helen said...

I'd get him to do the cards then!! I have a few of mine that I am not sure about, but will have to see if I can get some more made - not quite finished them anyhow! Great desk today.

Marjo said...

I show my hubby all my projects when I am done, sometimes I will even ask for his opinion. He has a good eye for design and is always honest.

I don't always like what he has to say...lol Good luck, Marjo #45

sandra de said...

Family members are so brutal in their honesty .... I think simple is good. Especially when you have to make a large quantity. Don't be put off or better still he can get a set of them as a xmas present.

Neet said...

This year I am not fretting about my cards - they are done and will have to go as what they look like.
I think yours are fine - love the white space and simplicity. Perhaps the box on the back one is better being a bit smaller (contained).
Thanks for sharing - courageous to share what DH said (men!!!) #21

Wipso said...

Less is more I'd say :-) Your cards look good to me :-)
A x

Victoria said...

cool desk
vicky 79

Cardarian said...

I quite like your simplistic cards! Their not as bad as you think! The monsters are cute too!

oneoff said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of simplicity! You look very well organised and with lots going on.

Bernie #81

Morti said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for stopping by my desk, so to speak....

Your cards don't look crappy, but I'd agree with your thoughts that they need a bigger sentiment. As big a kick-ass sentiment as you can get your hands on. If you can only use a small one, incorporate it into a longer design, like here

Violets Corner said...

Men?! I think the cards look very good! Don't be afraid of all the white goodness, clean and simple is an art form in itself. We're so used to the very decorated cards.

Maarit #34

Scrapcollectr said...

Your Mojo Monday sketch right here next to the comment box looks like a good idea for using the sentiment and image already on your card a few other features on a new card....or you could just attach a family photo inside the card and that would add a little extra to it....love your desk...I see you're a fan of MFT stamps, too. *smile*
Thx for visiting me!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry to read you are unhappy with the cards (and hubby agreed). Simple is great, but maybe they are not your style and that's why you are unhappy with them. I happen to like them myself (number 4).

Pam said...

Oh What are husbands for right? I hope you're writing all of this down ;)
Your color chart intrigues me and I'm lovin' that little 3 year old card. Am I allowed to disagree w/THE MAN? I like the CAS cards.

Rhonda said...

Ask your hubby to make a card, then see what he says! Your dinosaur card is very cute! Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy WOYWW! #11

Doone said...

your desk looks far more normal than mine - as do your christmas cards - worry not -


Stressed Stamper said...

Great colouring in on your desk
Wow how neat and organised.
Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

JoZart said...

What an insult from 'im indoors! I'm sure they are great but why not take him up on that and buy your cards. I've given up!
JoZarty x

Dragon said...

They look good to me too... I agree about the image placement ... Down and to the right.. Matted and layered with a thin silver strip but what do I know??

Serendipity Stamping said...

Seems you have a comedy act going there on your desk today. Hope you find a great solution for your Christmas cards. #92

alexa said...

Simple is good! I'd be giving him the pens and delegating, if I were you!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

everyone has their different preferences. i appreciate a handmade card whatever it looks like and your simple design is fine.

Julia Dunnit said...

I LOVE the simple look but really struggle to achieve it - I think these cards are just lovely..how about complicating them a little by p the text and holly on a narrow mat...either way - I'd be very happy to get a cheery handmade card - as we all would really! Love the monsters!

Leonie said...

Hi there!
dont listen to your hubby- they are just great!! My motto is if in doubt always add a bit of glitter and then a bit MORE!!!
thanks so much for hopping by my blog
happy WOYWW ( a bit late sorry!!)
xxx fairy leonie

Spyder said...

Great cards, and yes, my mil hassaid something on the same lines, ' you made it? Why?Can't you afford to buy a real one!' mind you, she's better now and usually likes her cards.
Lovethe little monster cards, great fun!
((Lyn)) "Happy WOYWW!!"

karen said...

Your cards look fine to me too! They have a real clean look to them! Not all stamps look great on plain white I find but that one is nice with the red and green.
The dino images are adorable!
Thanks for visiting me!
xoxo Karen

Elizabeth said...

The cute wee cartoons are great and your simple cards look fine to me. Elizabeth #95

Tina said...

wow - lots of coloring going on. Those images are colored beautifully and looks like it ended up on your card...gorgeous.

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me the sweet comment.


Chrysalis said...

Hi Susan - thanks for letting me know about wrong post link. I don't think you can alter them once submitted so I hope anyone going to my blog will just persevere. Love your blog and work!

LuLu said...

Howdy Susan,

I like your workspace today. Looks like you've been busy! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Sherry Edwards said...

There's nothing like a bit of support and encouragement from our loved one - I know how that feels! I think your simplistic cards look great - sometimes less is more as they say!

I like your finished card in your next post too.

Thanks for already stopping by my blog too x

Sherry (108)

Amy said...

I ONLY make crappy stuff - so we are now friends, sistah.

Anonymous said...

I love white space on cards, not that there's been much of that in evidence in my own work recently! Try off setting the image a bit.

Brenda 83

lisa said...

You can always rely on Hubby's to be honest can't you. They make the best critics sometimes!!
It looks a very industrious workspace, thanks for sharing.
Hugs Lisax

Anonymous said...

Simple is so hard to do. Easy to replicate, but the design part is a nightmare! I'm sure you'll create something you love. Good luck.

cheers, rachel #40

Nicky said...

Thanks for stopping by my desk love your workspace and dont your just love men (sometimes) lets see his attempts next week lol ~ Nicky 16

Bluefairy4U said...

Hi, I'm late getting around. Your cartoon card looks lovely and I like simplicity on Christmas cards, something I try to achieve but never seems to happen. Big Hugs JO.xx **22**

Anonymous said...

OMG! your coloring is fantastic!

i thought the monster was printed! gee.. DONT be so hard on yourself! its great, and if it's made from the heart, it's PERFECT!

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Susan, lovely monsters on your desk. I know what you mean about minimalist cards as I struggle with them as well. Best wishes, Kym xxx