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I am a Primary school teacher teaching Year Five and Six (5th & 6th Grades). I have a wonderful husband and 2 gorgeous children in their teens. I love card making and have a bit of a crafting/stamping obsession! Just ask my DH!


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My first ever Blog Award! Thanks Jenny!

What a lucky gal I am today! I received my first ever blog award from Jenny. It is the 'I Got the Attitude Blog Award' and I am right now doing a happy dance!
Now I have to tell you three things that make me... ME! Then I can pass this award on to three bloggers of my choosing.
1. I am a little bit very fussy (a perfectionist one may say). I can sometimes take 30 minutes to tie a bow on a card. It has to be 'just right!'
2. My family comes first...right after card-making and stamping (just kidding!)
3. I am addicted to stationery...pens, markers (especially copics), pencils, watercolours...aaahhh!
I have to add another;
4. Incorrect spelling bothers me, especially using 'apostrophe s' to make something plural eg; banana's instead of bananas. Heaven forbid I ever make a typo/spelling error on my blog! Eeek! Must be the teacher in me.

Okay. As I understand it, I now have to choose three bloggers to pass the award to. These ladies all make amazing cards and are an inspiration. Please pop past their blogs and check out their wonderful work.

http://craftychickcards.blogspot.com/ - My BFF Sam who always helps me find my mojo when it goes on holidays.

http://juliemakescards.blogspot.com/ - Julie makes awesome cards and you really must check out her Holiday treat boxes. They are so cute!

http://sue-myinnerreflection.blogspot.com/ - I met Sue at a friend's house. She encouraged me to set up my blog and gave me the link to set up my blog background. Thanks Sue you've created a monster!

Thank you ladies for your inspiration and creativity xxox

Please visit Jenny's blog http://craftbyjenny.blogspot.com/ to see some beautiful cards. Thanks again Jenny for my first ever Blog Award! xxox

Thanks for looking...have a great night!
~ Susan xxox


Julie said...

Wow Susan you are so sweet! Thank you so much for this blog award! I love your three things that make you - you. I am with you 100% on incorrect spelling and punctuation and I'm not a teacher. Your #2 item made me LOL - it's pretty much the same way at my house too - family first ;)

Thank You again for the Blog Award and your kind words about my blog!


Sue Kohler said...

thanks so much for the award Susan, always happy to help create monsters, makes me feel so much more 'normal'! you are doing so well with your blog, it looks awesome!! :)